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Sin City was in fact pretty damn good. Felt a little long, personally I would trim... something out of Hartigan's tale. Not sure what exactly. Oh, and while I'm re-editing, I would leave Marv's tale for last, but that's really because it's totally my favorite. I like how they interweaved the stories together, also, very seamless and fun for the first-time viewers. Interested to hear what audiences think of the stylized violence.

Also, wow, mostly great cast. Even if I was cracking up at Michael Madsen "delivering" his lines. Rosario Dawson, you're my new hero.

More later, possibly.

New Trailers:
* Mindhunters - Hee hee hee, Val Kilmer, LL Cool J, *and* Christian Slater? Is this a WPA project? With Renny Harlin at the helm, you have to wonder. And hey, that chick from The Mummy!
* Lords of Dogtown - couldn't we use some cool music from back then in the trailer at least? C'mon, man.
* The Hithchiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Hee, deconstructivist trailer, amusing.
* The War of the Worlds - officially a *maybe*. We know technology can do really awesome-looking disaster movies now, the key is keeping me interested with a good movie around them. It'll at least be good eye-candy, though, and there's something to that.
Tags: comic books, movies
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