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REMEMBER: Daylight savings time starts tonight.

Illinois governor issues emergency rule to disallow pharmacies to refuse to fill birth control prescriptions.

Analysis: after John Paul II, an era of resolute leadership leads to an uncertain future.

Pentagon changes how it spends its research dollars.

* DeLay goes after those wacky judges.
* At least thirty people killed in shootings in suburbs of Rio.
* Companies find a new way to protect themselves from consumer lawsuits: just don't allow them.
* Chief rabbi officially recognized an Indian tribe as descendants of ancient Israelites.
* NASA begins plans to retire the space shuttle.
* Redefining the rules of the new hookup culture.
* End of the era: unpleased with changes, Ted Koppel to leave ABC News.

* Government abstinence website comes under fire.
* Post editorial says we're still too lax on enforcing Title IX.
* Montgomery County to re-examine the role of middle schools.
* How financial aid is failing the students.
* Taking another look at zero-tolerance policies in schools.

* Analysis: the Schiavo case as a precursor to political battles to come.
* Howard Kurtz on the media spectacle and other related issues.
* BBC correspondent looks at how the case tested America.
* Dotty Lynch on finding moral clarity.

"Middle school often is referred to as a critical but dicey period, the bridge between elementary and high school when hormones and emotions collide with algebra and social studies."

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