PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously on Deadwood...

* Ooh, Ellsworth remembers Wolcott. Rock on Ellsworth! He's awesome when he's threatening.
* Al's out of commission for a couple days, and everything's messed up. And Dan rules.
* Heh, county commissioner.
* "Is there any fucking chance you and me don't end in blood?" -Silas
* Hee, Trixie asks Dan to burn down the Gem before letting Tolliver take it over.
* "The Creator, in His infinite wisdom, Mrs. Garret, salted His works so where gold was, there also you'd find rumor." -Ellsworth
* "It's wasted on me, Wu, I'm not as smart as Al." -Dan
* ...And more 19th century medicine. I'll be glad when this urination storyline is over.
* I can't imagine Wolcott is giving the Chez Amis that much money to let him get away with being that much of a jerk. Yeesh.
* I also still don't like this Wolcott storyline. But hey.
* Best final shot ever.
Tags: tv

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