PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight, on Carnivale...

* Wait, "Season Finale"? Don't they mean "Series Finale"?
* Hee, Sofie seeing the Carnivale. OMG MOM IN THE WINDOW.
* "There's a loose thread on the back of my collar. It's driving me mad." -Justin
* Sampson's speech on religion was a treat. "When it comes to livin', dyin' is the easy part."
* The return of Benjamin St. John!
* Sampson, your ferris wheel idea is terrible.
* You know, Jonesy could be the breakout star of the show, once it's all over.
* "I wish I had made better decisions, but they're all mine." -Iris
* (An explanation still would have been nice.)
* "When I die I'm going to Hell, and if I'm very fortunate, my brother will be waiting there for my embrace." -Iris
* "If she's dead, then God help them all in this valley. Every single last one of them." -Ben (!!)
* The scene between Sampson and Rita Sue was positively keen.
* Hey Ben, great job hiding on the flatbed of that truck. "We wake them up."
* Yay Stumpy as barker!
* Hee, Brother Lazarus DuBois.
* Damnit, Ben, where's your tux!
* OMG he's *dismantling* Justin.
* OMG Jonesy tore off the lever!
* I confess I was kind of hoping for Gabriel vs. Stroud.
* Healing Reverend Norman!
* "The power of Christ compels thee!"
* Wait, this cornfield looks familiar. And they both brought their magic +1 weapons!
* Wait, that's the Kurgan's laugh! Oh, how I missed it so.
* You know, if he doesn't guess the scarecrow, he can't be that good a bad guy.
* OK, the exploding tree? Not a very special effect guys.
* Carnivale walking the rows.
* This just in: even more Christ imagery.
* Oh, Stumpy, why do you rule so much.
* And what now, Iris?
* Sofie heals?
* And Ben is Management.
* OK, I guess they did mean "season finale."

Well. That was certainly a weird episode to show on Easter. :}
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