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Panel ignored evidence supporting the innocence of a detainee, who has been held for two years.

This just in: big business is doing well under the Republican-controlled government. (Bonus graphic: biggest donors to Bush and the GOP.)

Nicholas Kristof in the heart of Christianity - Africa.

* Hey, whatever happened to that WMD report we were all waiting on?
* Rice defends Pakistan-aircraft deal.
* NPR: Republicans move against those supervillian activist judges. I really miss the separation of powers.
* "Congressional investigators will look into whether the Bush administration violated any laws when it paid syndicated columnist Maggie Gallagher to help promote a marriage initiative."
* Ted Rall on US foreign policy and world opinion.
* Study finds women in region were worst hit by the tsunami.
* David Brooks looks at the Schiavo case as an argument between social liberals and social conservatives. Interesting read.
* Behind the scenes, looking at how the rift between Mr. Schiavo and Terri's parents formed.
* Veterans of the Iraq war, now homeless.
* The UK looks for different solutions as the number of female inmates rises.
* New federal policy looking to undercut Title IX restrictions.
* Re-examining the enigmatic figure of Mary Magdalene.

"Edward R. Murrow is rolling over in his grave at how often people say he is rolling over in his grave."

"Octopuses, known for using camouflage to avoid predators, have been observed apparently trying to sneak away by walking on two arms while pretending to be a bunch of algae." presents the fame audit of William Shatner.
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