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Man, looking at my LJ posts for the past couple weeks, you'd think all I do is post links and lead a boring life.


No, seriously, things have been pretty OK recently. I'm hitting some sort of stride, with dealing with the busy-ness of life. Finding time to sneak in a little painting, a little gaming, dinner with cool cats and kittens, etc. This may have something to do with tze bebe reaching her obstreperous stage, where she throws tantrums for *no reason,* but maybe it's just finally adjusting to my schedule and RQ's schedule (and having too much fine TV to watch, but hey.) (Which reminds me, I need to do a post at some point about all the fine TV I'm watching.)

Hit a birthday party last Saturday evning, big fun. Dinner with a couple fine ladies tonight. Heroclix marquee this Satuday. Etc.

New policy at work is 'no non-work related websurfing.' Which is lame. Though I am reading some cool macroeconomics articles on the FDIC website, and if anyone has any online CCNA study guides, please pass me the URLs, kthnx. I'm still going to sneak in a little websurfing (in case you couldn't tell,) but I figure if they dind't want me to go anywhere, they would just block it all. As I know they have no problem blocking things. And I get my work done. So, yeah.

Uh, possibly more rambling later.
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