PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

An unusual group of political bedfellows gets together to oppose the Patriot Act.

Cheney defends recent administration nominations in an interview with the Post.

* Andrew Cohen on why the legal ruling was no surprise.
* Ooooh. Conservatives split over the legislation.
* Richard Cohen on the politics and legality of the case.
* Criticizing the doctors in Congress.
* Man, even Charles Krauthammer is picking on Congress's interference.

* David Ignatius on the real missile defense gap.
* World Opinion Roundup discusses Wolfowitz's third world critics (plus bonus LiveOnline transcript.)
* Why Bolton is the wrong man for the UN, including some misleading history.
* France drops the 35 hour work week.
* Jay Mathews ask, why fear dscussion of intelligent design?
* The changing American family.

Plants fix genetic errors using stored copies of ancestors' DNA.

Want to improve high school education? Why not eliminate mandatory textbooks?

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