PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight, on Carnivale...

* Previously on Carnivale: exploding straight jackets! I snicker every time I see it.
* Man, New Canaan is turning into an armed camp.
* Heh, "Henry", great code name there Ben.
* I love the subtle, not-special-effectsy displays of power, like Justin making the candidate and his man kneel before him.
* Lila told everyone! Uh oh.
* Hee, baptism. Stroud!
* Gee, Ben, could you hide the knife a little more?
* Sofie saw him!
* OMG Eleanor's corpse! She was the first convert!
* Well, Ben, that little reunion could have gone better.
* Iris! Who left this trick smoking axe in my bed?
* "Tell you the truth, nothing's felt right since we left Damascus." -Lila
* Hatchet interrogation scene: freaky!
* OK, Sofie's back on the side of the angels again. I think.
* Lila's revolt! Jonesy's revelation.
* "There. Just like a real family." Yeah, Justin, about that...
* Man, the Knights of Jericho are *fucking terrible guards.*
* "It was my idea." -Iris
Tags: tv

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