PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight, on Deadwood...

* "A camp like this, one draws one's menials from a small and brackish pool." -Farnum
* Wait, someone else brought a child to the camp?
* Things I love about the show, #1: Maddie. All the actresses on the show are good, but she's made such an impression in a very short amount of time.
* "Even in an Eden like this, wrongs sometime occur." -Sol
* Things I love about the show, #2: Trixie. Honestly, the more screen time she gets, the more I want to see of her.
* Good to see Cy's back to his old self. And getting in the thick of things.
* "Ah Christ, are we arrested?" -Jane
* Things I love about the show, #3: Ellsworth and Alma. Seems every episode has at least one conversation I could listen to over and over, and they get it this week.
* OK, the scene with Trixie and Jane drinking: fanfuckingtastic. Seriously. She made Jane feel uncomfortable!
* This whole Wolcott storyline is... odd.
* Ah, Victorian era medicine.
* Wait, in the closing credits, one of the guest stars was 'Fiona Dourif.' What the...?
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