PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

With all our money going to the Middle East, funding for other foreign policy is slipping.

OK, this Terry Schiavo crap is starting to piss me off.

Ted Rall: America takes a stand.

More bad news for the Washington Examiner.

* Senate rejects Bush's Medicare cuts. Kung-pao!
* Is Iraq's transitional government fundamentally flawed?
* Europeans resist the Wolfowitz nomination.
* Afghani crime wave makes the citizens long for the Taliban.
* Republicans spending money to keep their own members in line on social security.
* The four Mirmehdis brothers are finally released from prison.
* Democrats find a precedent for the judicial filibuster.
* C-SPAN plan to give equal time to Holocaust denier is criticized.
* Researcher fabricated data in federal studies on women.

Maybe we should find a different way to deal with global warming.

DC in Legos (courtesy missmeridian.)

"Wolfowitz to the World Bank? Does that mean we will invade poor countries pre-emptively, BEFORE they can default on their loans?"
-Joel Achenbach
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