PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Frank Rich on the return of Enron and administration propaganda and corruption.

Nice. Thomas Friedman on homeland insecurity, and the administration rolling over to China.

The world expresses dismay at Wolfowitz's nomination. NYTimes news analysis sees it as the spreading of neoconservatism. The BBC more or less agrees, but with a foreign perspective.

* Increasing doubting at the CIA on renditions. Also, at least 108 people have died in American custody in Iraq and Afghanistan.
* Howard Kurtz wonders where the DeLay coverage is, and more.
* Check out the new nominee to head the FCC.
* Richard Cohen on the Karen Hughes elevation and propaganda.
* Maureed Dowd inside the Gridiron Dinner.
* Post editorial on three more Bush judicial nominees.
* Huh. Chavez thinks Bush will have him assassinated.
* Some AAA tips on conserving gas.
* Seismologists report seabed shifts in the tsunami region pose new threats.
* "Researchers said yesterday they have determined with 99.99 percent accuracy the genetic code of the X chromosome, which lies at the core of human femaleness."
* Beyond steroids: designer genes for athletes. Hello, Shadowrun.
* "A woman's place in the cosmos."
* Last year, family films outgrossed more adult fare at the theaters.
* The new wine documentary Mondovino is dividing the world of vintners.

New Italian movie poses tough questions audiences rarely face.

Straight Dope classic: where does the "-arama" suffx come from? presents the ten least essential films of spring 2005.

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