PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Ok, lost my notes from the weekend, so this'll have to be from memory. And you know how that's gonna turn out.

Friday, did, uh, something. Stargate night I guess.

Saturday, caught Be Cool. Now, I didn't see the first one, but I can't imagine it would have helped any. You know when you're watching a movie about the making of a movie, and you see a cheesy clip from the movie-within-a-movie*, and it feels all weird, because you know it's fake and overacted, to show they're acting? I'm not joking when I say a *lot* of the movie felt like that. Seriously, it was like a Japanese noh play, very odd and stilted. And not just because of John Travolta's "acting." God, he was terrible, and his face was frozen in the same expression the entire movie. Gah. The saving grace of the movie was the minor actors. Andre 3000 stole many scenes, even out from under Cedric. However, the real standout was The Rock. Seriously, he was impressively amusing as a gay bodyguard who wanted to break into acting. Cracked me up repeatedly. Of course, there were an equal number of stunt castings that dragged the movie back down (Steven Tyler, I'm looking at you.) And I didn't even touch on the so-unrealistic-it-was-surreal plot. But anyways. Skip it. Twice.

Sunday night was a fine and tasty dinner with Black Queen. We hit the Tomato Palace in Columbia, which surprisingly didn't have a long litany of tomato-themed dishes. The creepy cartoon tomatoes on the wall made up for that, though.

Last night, missed book club as bebe had a fever.

Tonight, new episode of The Shield.

Next up: my notes from Sunday afternoon at the Washington DC International Wine & Food Festival.

* - I call this the "Wormhole X-Treme!" effect.
Tags: 2005, movies, not news
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