PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Muslim clerics in Spain issue fatwa against Bin Laden.

Senator and rock star Sarbanes won't seek re-election. (I should totally run.) The Post will miss him.

Gah! Gambling interests paid for a DeLay trip to Britain (also, bonus graphic.)

Good read: social security is under attack because it works.

Oh, *fantastic.* Bush wants Karen Hughes to improve America's image overseas.

E.J. Dionne Jr. explains how Republicans dominate the abortion issue.

* E-mails shed light on links between Ehrlich and aide.
* Critics question impartiality of panel studying privacy rights for Homeland Security.
* Details emerge about American torture in Afghani jails. (Note: graphic.)
* Ted Rall is against exporting American torture overseas.
* US wary of China's rise in power.
* The trade deficit as a harbinger of hard times to come.
* Democrats look at changing how they choose candidates - and when.
* Nicholas Kristof on the death of environmentalism.
* Is science tainted by too much commercial interest?
* fame audit of Kevin Costner.

Howard Kurtz discusses regulating bloggers and more.

Re-enacting Gandhi's march to the sea.

Part two of NPR's series "American Stages: the Rise of Regional Theater": women at the creative helm.

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