PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night was another delightful outing to Flanagan's, this time to the lilting strains of my new favorite musician, Ted Garber. I mean, when you go to an Irish pub, you may not expect the skinny white guy with the acoustic guitar to break into his rendition of "The Humpty Dance" to a brief interlude of the Inspector Gadget music, but once it hits, you're in. Seriously, a lot of fun.

Let me also mention I reread The Killing Joke, one of the classic Batman graphic novels, recently. It really stands the test of time, and I am avoiding reading any more comics for a week or so, because I know they will be a let-down in comparison.

Tonight: clubbing, or 8 Mile?

NEWS: 'You are being watched:' the excess of modern surveillance in every day life. A brief wrapup on issues on the ballot this year. And MIT is working on a durable online library.
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