PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Actual people observed over the past couple weeks on my Metro commute:

1.) I tend to take the same Metro cars whenever possible. Like I need to be in the middle of such-and-such line to get out right near the escalators here, etc. Maximize efficiency or whatever. So I vaguely recognize some of my fellow commuters that do the same thing, since we're more or less on the same schedule. One such young man, I've spotted in the past couple weeks. He was easy to notice, as three or so of those times, he was carrying a cake box. The first time was, whatever. Second time is curious. Third time, I'm thinking, is he an undercover confectionery deliveryman or something?

2.) Crowded train last week, I swear the guy standing across from me was the *exact stereotype* of an ex-junkie going on his first job interview. Seriously, it's always weird seeing actual caricatures in public.

3.) The older black gentleman wearing a fez last week was awesome. He carried it off with such grace and aplomb.

4.) Shabbily-dressed guy who looked like an unemployed musician, a conductor or a pianist or something in a former life. Wearing a hat from like the 50's, sunken eyes, but his most remarkable feature was his long, gnarled fingers. They looked like they were carved from wood.
Tags: 2005, two-fisted tales

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