PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Carnivale

* Someone remind me why they keep Burly around? And is he actually played by Dennis Farina from twenty years ago?
* Man, Stroud, save a little morphine for yourself dude.
* Ben's vision: creepy. Also, bleeding blue.
* Ruthie's possession: creepy!
* OK, I never need to see the tarring scene again in my life. Augh.
* "'Blessed are the meek.' Can you imagine!" -Justin
* Norman's laughing: a treat.
* So. Does Justin have no power over Sofie? Speaking of which...
* "Sofie is the omega. -L." Lodz is cool even from beyond the grave.
* Stumpy, you only get one scene in tonight's show, and you manage to steal it. Well played, sir, well played.
* Hee, oar.
* "Sermon on the Mount for a New America"
* Otho, your freaky neo-con congressional candidate backed by the devil. And with Reed Diamond as his campaign manager! Way to pack in the D-list guest stars, HBO.
* No, I'm serious, I love when they do that. I just want to hear Otho say "eskimo" one more time.
* And while I'm off-script here, can I mention the music in tonight's episode is rocking my socks off? Well, not literally. But almost.
* Jonesy: "You are a healer." Ben: "That's part of it."
* Yeah, either Jonesy or Libby's gonna talk.
* OK, Iris's talk with Norman, I have *no idea* what to make of that. And pretty much no matter what, it's blowing some of my theories out of the water.
Tags: tv
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