PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

News analysis: the Middle East is undergoing a dramatic change. Will this actually benefit the US?

Economic analysis: who wins with the new social security?

China seen as a positive influence in the world?

* Rules change lets the CIA freely send suspects abroad to foreign jails.
* 'Senate poised to vote on bill that would make it harder for consumers to wipe out debt through bankruptcy.'
* Warren Buffett sends up warnings abou the US trade deficit.
* Evangelical Christians find a welcoming place in the Washington power scheme.
* Maureen Dowd: 'Americans like to see women who wear the pants be beaten up and humiliated.'
* Thomas Friedman says if Europe wants to sell arms to China, they should buy some themselves.
* "Americans consume more 'home fragrance' products than any other nation. Sales reached $2.7 billion last year."
* How did the Miramax/Disney breakup happen?
* Is Fox gearing up to take on CNBC?
* Oh, *that's* why I had to upgrade Firefox.
* Mayor of Las Vegas recommends gin to elementary schoolers.

Why do hairdressers have such a high job satisfaction rate?

Jay Leno finds an innovative way around the Jackson case gag order.

Bonus a panoramic view from the top of Everest.

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