PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night was a tasty dinner for my birthday with Red Queen. We ate at Du Claw, which has both added and subtracted from their menu. Afterwards, we watched The Truth About Charlie, which is quite keen. No, I haven't seen the original, but this one was fun, and very well done. And an awesome soundtrack.

Oh, earlier this week we watched Pay It Forward, which was OK, but nothing memorable. Seriously, Lifetime movie of the week vibes.

Saturday, birthday party at my place. Sunday, dinner with parents. Monday, classes start. Hopefully, clubbing next Thursday, to which everyone should show. I am considering getting all gothed up, for comedy value.

Have I mentioned we've had a surprise house guest for a couple days? Dingo, from Long Island, surprised us Monday morning. It has been good seeing him, even if it was unplanned and all.

So, generally, busy like a bee. More later.

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