PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Whoo! Supreme Court bans death penalty for juveniles. NYTimes analysis talks reshaping capital punishment.

Vermont votes against the Iraq war.

A bucket of interesting local stories are over at watchdog_va.

* LiveOnline transcript with a Post reporter leaving Iraq after nine months.
* The administration's anti-abortion stance draws fire overseas.
* Greenspan tells Congress to fix the financing problems in social security and Medicare. However, the social security vote may get pushed back to 2006. NYTimes analysis enumerates the hurdles the Bush plan faces.
* And hey, why isn't anyone talking about Medicare?
* Supreme Court takes on religious displays.
* Utah delays its challenge to No Child Left Behind.
* 700 top scientists protest overspecialization of scientific funding in researching bioterror germs.
* Tom Shales isn't a fan of the E! Network's Jackson trial re-enactments. - A great way to help our troops overseas. (Courtesy Ivy.)

Today's royalty headline: "Charles fails bush tucker trial"
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