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The State Dept. released its annual human rights report released yesterday. The Post notes a lot of violations listed for other countries are the same as those approved by the Bush administration for use against enemy combatants. The NYTimes singles out violations by the new Iraqi government. You know, the one we put in power.

'The attorney general of Kansas must offer a proper explanation for why he has violated the privacy of women who sought late-term abortions.'

Judge orders the administration to either charge or release Padilla.

'The success of the campaign against Harvard president Summers suggests that universities are entering a new era of vulnerability to outside pressure.'

"Scientists are made, not born." "Clearly, debating whether women are intellectually equipped for sciences makes little sense. Women themselves have already settled the issue, one degree at a time."

* Job satisfaction in the US drops.
* Paul Krugman wants no compromises on social security.
* Gonzales discusses his pirorities for the Justice Dept.
* Why are there so many problems catching the serial arsonist?
* Suicides outnumber homicides in the US.
* "A journey through concussion's foggy terrain"
* Japan considers a manned moon base.
* Alternate reality games blur lines.
* A quick blurb about Stephen King's new pulp fiction.

Scientists looks for personalities in animals.

Russian spy guide to London in the 1930's unearthed.

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