PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Good read: A history of White House lies - not all created equal.

David S. Broder on stealthy budget cuts.

Dick Meyer says, let's give sleaze a chance.

Robert Reich says, don't blame Wal-Mart.

* Bob Herbert wonders why the government won't use the word "torture."
* Post Ombudsman discusses sinking newspaper sales.
* Thomas Friedman on tipping points in history.
* Within the CIA, fears of prosecution over conduct.
* Saudi Arabia, breeding ground for terrorists?
* Analysis of the second phase of Bush's foreign diplomacy.
* Mysteries still surround the Chilean coup from thirty years ago.
* How the Bush administration is aiding the spread of HIV.
* Congressional Republicans look for an exit strategy on social security.
* Biden says Hillary will be tough to beat in 2008.
* Michael Kinsley says goodbye to the housing boom.
* Bill Gates urges governors to restructure high schools.
* Talon News is out of business - for now.
* Newest moons of Saturn given names.
* Indian divers uncover more ancient treasures revealed by the tsunami.
* Toning down sweeps month stunts.

Ted Rall points out how Bush could make gas 86 cents a gallon.

Was there a connection between Howard Hughes and Watergate?

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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