PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Carnivale

* Iris's face during Justin's "fit" = funny.
* "Accept your fate."
* Shit. Stroud has Scudder.
* Hmmm. Again, Iris's place in all this, troubling. And, IMHO, increasingly tied to Sofie.
* "He knew I couldn't kill him except to save my father."
* Oh, haw haw, Ben didn't know Sofie left.
* "Don't tell me you finally put the boots to that little biscuit." -Lila, being awesome
* Wound + sink cleaner = AUGH. Shooting up the bank robbers, priceless.
* Stroud, you magnificent bastard.
* Libby's reaction to waking up with the wedding ring = hilarious.
* Management's Shroud of Turin!
* "Well, there is one thing he was that you ain't: my friend." -Sampson
* Otho!
* "...over 17,000 souls..."
* Heh, Sampson's the new management.
* And man, his Carnivale is freakin' falling apart at the seams.
* "They got cars!" -Ruthie
* Ben can read?
* "Your enemy has received his boon." Do we have a name for the freaky sage guy yet? The one explaining things to Justin? "...infused with avataric blood..." OK, dude, whatever. Uh oh, "unfinished business" with Scudder. This won't be good.
* Libby, you're too cool for school.
* "We got pie." -Stumpy
* Sampson looking at Management's private room = sweet.
* Sampson's got a sword cane!
* Oh, the ferris wheel accident.
* So, Ben can control his powers now.
* OMG storage trailer!
* Stupid broken Ben mask.
* While I'm here, allow me to note Sofie's got back.

OK, discussion points:
- Usher as Prophet. Explain! Don't forget Los Moscos.
- SAT time: Management had Lodz, much as Justin has Stroud. Ben has... Sampson? Scudder had... ? And what about the freaky sage guy informing Justin. See also the Iris/Sofie topic from earlier.
- Man, why don't Gabriel get more screen time.

Also, now I get Deadwood followed by Carnivale. I'm the happiest girl at the 9:30 Club.
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