PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Thirteen Ghosts turned out to be a lot of fun. Only a couple really sucky parts in it. And I'm a bigger fan of Matthew Lillard by the day. I may rent it on DVD at some point, for the extras.

Donnie Darko was decent. I again think it was built up a bit much for me. And, best setting (1988) and subsequently soundtrack ever.

We got a total of one trickertreater, which is kind of lame. He wasn't even wearing a real costume. But, considering it was 40 degrees out, I will cut the generation some slack.

YOU LOVE YOU SOME NEWS: Bush's lack of humility in foreign policy is reflecting poorly on U.S. power. Everyone knows it, but no one says it: political debates are lame.

Fermat found this link to a great article on the current state of Gen X.
Summer provided this hot newz: Episode 2 hits IMAX.
Have I ever mentioned I think it would be cool to be a butler?

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