PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Frank Rich: "Hollywood bets on Chris Rock's 'Indecency.'"

Inside the business of jihad.

The wage gap continues to grow.

* Differences remain after Bush's European tour.
* Report shows the cost of the military's anti-gay policy.
* Thomas Friedman on the shrinking dollar and impending doom.
* Federal judge rules in favor of the phone records of journalists.
* Specter blames both sides for judicial impasse.
* Canada rejects missile defense plan.
* Russian freedom of the press demonstrates hidden faults in the society.
* One success story from security forces in Iraq.
* Defeating old social stigma, Japanese women say they can be happy alone.
* Conflicting messages on education.
* How expensive is it to follow the new U.S. Dietary Guidelines?
* In pursuit of polar dinosaurs.

Miramax to dump a number of movies before the Weinsteins leave.

What if Hollywood held the Oscars and no one cared?
Also: bookies no longer taking bets on Jamie Foxx for an Oscar win.

[No more news until Monday or so. -PMMJ]
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