PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"I'm not a fan of secretly recording conversations with a friend and then releasing them to the world, muttering about the importance of history, while using the tapes to hype your forthcoming book."
-Howard Kurtz (Bonus: LiveOnline transcript.)


* Huh. Murder now one of the leading causes of death for new and expectant mothers.
* Doctors say it is as if they have happened upon a new childhood disease, and the cause is the overaggressive culture of organized youth sports.
* Gingrich has a new contract with America, and some interesting things to say.
* Paul Krugman wants to see Bush's critics keep up pressure on both the foreign and domestic fronts.
* Ted Rall shoots the messenger.
* Scientists feel pressure from Bush administration.
* The passing of Hunter S. Thompson and the end of counter-culture.

Today's top headline: "Justices Shy Away From Sex Toys"

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