PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

You know you want it.

KARA-OKE 2/20/05:

While slightly less crowded, Remington's was still hella slow between songs. I don't know what possesses them to feel the need to wait over a minute between singers, but frankly, it's frustrating. We got there before the opening, and I barely got three songs in at all. Feh.

On the other hand, the waitress was both nice and showed up often, so there's that.

Me - "It's a Sin"
McShifty - ""Nuthin' But A G Thang"
"Tim" - "These Eyes"
RQ - "Cherish"
(Some frat dude did "Fast Car")
Black Queen - "Criminal"
Me - "Mexican Radio" (per the birthday girl's request)
(Some chick did "Walk Like an Egyptian", I kicked myself for not doing it first.)
McShifty - "I Am The Walrus" (!)
"Tim" - "Take Me Home, Country Roads"
Callico - "You Never Even Call Me By My Name" (a.k.a. the greatest country song.)
Operative X - "Easy" (!)
(Some other dude did "Jeremy Spoke" and cracked me up.)
RQ - Wilson Phillips, "Impulsive"
Kermit - "Midnight Special"
Black Queen - "Zombie" (!)
Goblin (!) - "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"
Me - Garbage, "#1 Crush"
McShifty - "She Don't Use Jelly"
Callico - "Parents Just Don't Understand" (hee hee)
Operative X - "9 to 5" (!)
"Tim" - "Psycho Killer"

And then I went home. People who stuck around, if anything else got done, please let me know so I can add it here. As always, corrections not just accepted, but encouraged.

Aaannnddd... some damn fine pics courtesy Emerald. ZAM.

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