PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Britain to allow same-sex civil unions. Also in gay British news, the Royal Navy actively seeks to recruits more gays.

The administration is avoiding three key words whenever it talks about North Korea.

Bob Scheiffer on the Miller/Cooper/Plame issue.

Bush's strategy on the secret tapes.

Terry Neal on doubts raised over Bush's faith-based commitment.

* World Opinion Roundup of the administration's waning influence in Iraq.
* John Howard bucks the trend and vows to send more Australian troops to Iraq.
* An in-depth look at Bush's European tour - will the new strategy with Europe backfire?
* Tough decisions between Iran, Syria, and the US.
* What about all the journalists that have been killed in Iraq?
* The dollar drops on concerns over reserves. (Bonus: BBC Q&A.)
* The mysterious case of the vanishing tax deductions.
* How class action lawsuit reforms could clog the court system.
* A survey of wages shows the people at the top and the bottom in the area.
* Courts consider the legality and benefits of file-sharing.
* Howard Kurtz wonders if maybe bloggers and the mainstream media shouldn't view each other as enemies.
* The DC area is no longer a telecom hub.
* Eugene Robinson reads into Harvard president Summers' language.
* Wal-Mart to upgrade its in-store television network.
* CNN Headline News, revamped.
* Vinters see a "Sideways effect."
* Sandra Dee passed away.
* Hunter S. Thompson: CBS rememberance, Post appreciation, NYTimes appreciation.

Bloggers call for global action to free Iranian prisoners.

Local news feature: Pat Collins, master of... the pause.

The changing landscape between video games and movies.

Scientists says Mars pictures reveal a frozen sea.
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