PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

OK, catching up, so up first is Friday. Headed over to Virginia (man, so long since I had to see the mixing bowl. Hate that thing.) Caught up with JubJub and a couple old friends (Matt and Amanda!) and watched Constantine.

Here's the thing: if you can't get past the fact that they changed the character dramatically, then don't go see the movie, because you already know you'll hate it. Really. There's some other references to the comic books, and a lot of scenes *right* from there (but adapted, of course.) But it's not the Vertigo Constantine, and you'll have to accept it or avoid it.

How does the movie stand up on its own? On its own merit, it's decent. Not terribly deep, but interesting. They've simplified the theology/supernatural stuff a bit, but it's still a little confusing until about halfway through the movie. The scenes in Hell are pretty cool (and man, Hell is *windy* this time of year.) Keanu is fine, Weisz is fine. But the standouts are Gabriel and Lucifer. Man, man oh man, I wish the movie was all about them. Gabriel had a real David Bowie quality about him/her. And Lucifer, well, every bit as good as when that Aragorn guy did it a while ago. Tragically, Papa Midnite was only a walk-on role.

Also, the theater had a *lot* of little kids in it. Which was surprising.

After the movie, we swung by Amanda's house and played the Buffy board game. Pretty cool, I confess, sorry it's out of print (and thusly too much money to eBay. Stupid fandom.)

New trailers:
* House of Wax - Uh, yeah. It might be this year's Wrong Turn. Or maybe Jeepers Creepers 2.
* The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Wow, hadn't seen any pics from the actual movie before. Impressive! Looks like they put some money and effort into it. So, we'll see.
* Kingdom of Heaven - Hot, hot Crusades action. Decent cast. And that Star Trek guy! Waiting for reviews, because, you know, Ridley Scott.
* Ring 2 - Yawn. Even with the addition of Gary Cole.
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