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30 October 2002 @ 03:11 pm
Finally watched the 1973 movie of The Three Musketeers. It was pretty decent. Not quite the be-all end-all that some people have proclaimed it. And it's very, very dated, film-making-wise. But, again, a fun movie.

Disney is launching their own MMORPG.

Interesting note from an article on John Carpenter: the original Halloween was most financially successful independent film of all time, until topped by The Blair Witch Project (which was then topped by My Big Fat Greek Wedding.)

Two scary biological threats: cutting through misconceptions about the anthrax scare, and the Army is creating a "three year sandwich."

Iraq: framing the UN debate as the containment of U.S. power worldwide. And the way to get me more behind the current Iraq buildup, gathering war crimes evidence to bring Hussein to trial.
rshacklefordrshackleford on October 31st, 2002 04:01 pm (UTC)
mmm. where can i get chicken water?