PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Newspapers nationwide are withering in the face of unprecedented competition. (Bonus: graphic.)
Also, interesting essay by LATimes opinion editor on journalistic privledge, secrecy, and the law.

Finding clues to how Negroponte will get the job done.

How looking at a patient's brain might improve diagnosis.

* Thomas Friedman sees the Middle East's version of the Berlin Wall beginning to break.
* China's economy is permanently changing.
* A closer look at the Pentagon's new robot soldiers.
* NYTimes Q&A with Richard Clarke.
* Republicans, now firmly in power, finding time to disagree.
* Will energizing the Democrats bring a shift in the party?
* In Indiana, a tax-cutter becomes a tax-raiser, and faces new challenges.
* Republicans have introduced a bill in Texas to give an agency agency authority to stop prosecution of election law violations.
* Joel Achenbach on a future without dying.
* Germany debates 'terrorist chic.'
* A gallery of iconography from MTV's 100+ channels. (Requires Java.)

Scientists get to have fun when naming new species.

In an interview, Alan Cumming notes he'll be in a movie directed by David Boreanaz.

Disney pauses on the edge of something big, trying to figure out just how to market The Chronicles of Narnia.

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