PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight on Lost...

OMG the T-1000 is watching you do the nasty!

* Have I mentioned the boars crack me up?
* Uh oh, whispers.
* "Perhaps it wanted to go camping." -Sayid
* Robert Mother-Fucking Patrick!
* RQ, as Sawyer looked at the envelope "Did he just hand him an X-File?"
* Boar 2: This Time, It's Personal.
* "Thank you boar expert!" Oh Sawyer, how I love thee.
* I'm totally calling someone a boar expert tomorrow at work. Seriously.
* "Yeah, until he rises from the dead!" -Hurley
* Again I note, why is Hurley the smartest person on the island?
* Hee, following Boone for an hour.
* Also, hooray for booze!
* You know, Kate hasn't bugged me at all this episode.
* Kate: Jack was looking for the liquor cart.
Sawyer: Well, good thing I found it instead then.
* Sassafrass!
* This is the most dramatic scene I have ever seen involving the game I Never.
* "I never blamed a boar for all my problems." -Kate
* "Well. Guess we do have something in common after all." -Sawyer
* Ahahaha, the boar. peed. on. his. shirt.
* Nevermind, the I Never scene was good, but Locke's dog story was better.
* Oh lord, that's Jack's dad at the bar.
* And they are doing some *serious* drinking. Like, professional.
* OK, nevermind again. Locke's dog story was good. But Jack's dad and Sawyer, that was *exceptional.* For real.
* Sawyer: It ain't that simple.
Jack's dad: Of course it is.
* "You're not alone. Don't pretend to be." -Sayid
* Piglet noooooooo!
* Wrong guy! The T-1000 totally set you up, dude.
* What's the big deal about not killing the boar? They could be eating pork *that very night.* And it's not like Locke won't kill it later.
* "That's why the Sox will never win the Series."
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