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Hellooo heartland: the Midwest has the most binge drinking nationwide. Also, Alaska is the tops in illegal drug use.

Good read by Eugene Robinson, on the Democrats, red states vs. blue states, and Ray Charles.

Twenty-five years later: Geraldine Ferraro.

Village in tsunami's path thankful for tree world record.

* Good read by Robert Samuelson, finding info about the social security reform... back from 1960.
* The end of the romance with Russia.
* Former official claims Iraq CPA agency 'run like the Wild West.'
* World Opinion Roundup: after the press leaves, tsunami recovery continues to struggle.
* Greenspan urges fiscal discipline, which is pretty funny. (Also, he specifically doesn't mention social security.)
* American pressure leads Japan to crack down on human trafficking.
* Judge's libel suit against the Boston Herald goes to the jury.
* Poll shows residents favor tolls instead of taxes to fund road projects. (Bonus: graphic.)
Alan Keyes' daughter acknowledges she is a lesbian.
* Washington area one of the country's worst for asthmatics. (Here's the rest of the list.)
* Interesting Utah bill challenges federal education law.
* Reading more into Bush's cuts in education.
* Pentagon hopes robot soldiers will be a force within the decade. (Bonus: graphic.)
* Cerf and Kahn to receive Turing Award.
* 'The Sufi Arts of Urban Senegal.'

BBC gallery of our changing environment.

The threat of losing yourself to online gaming.

Stuntmen want their own Oscar.

C'mon, guess how much people paid for the "Dogs Playing Poker" painting.

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