PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"A former White House official said yesterday that President Bush has failed to deliver on his promise to help religious groups serve the poor, the homeless and drug addicts because the administration lacks a genuine commitment to its 'compassionate conservative' agenda."

Sun's lawsuit against Ehrlich dismissed.

Missile defense test fails yet again.

* "To get a scope on the extent of the federal budget problem, consider this: the one-year budget deficit will be so large in the next fiscal year that if the government stopped funding everything except defense, homeland security and entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the nation would
still be $75 billion in the red." -Terry M. Neal,
* Bush renominates twelve failed judicial candidates.
* Dan Froomkin on searching for the motive, Bush talks about Jon Stewart, and more.
* More evidence of contract abuse in Iraq.
* Ted Rall on government-funded journalists.
* Editorial on Bush as a foreign policy liberal.
* Paul Krugman sees Dean as a 'fighting moderate.'
* New Education Secretary may be flexible on No Child Left Behind.
* "Did Neanderthals and modern humans do it?"
* The debate over Splenda rages on.
* Ray Kurzweil's quest for immortality.

E. J. Dionne Jr. on the social commentary of Arthur Miller.

Rock on. Possible evidence of the founding of Rome.

A New York Times article on... Warhammer.

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