PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

'President Bush's budget plan calls for elimination or drastic reduction 68 federal programs that he has never targeted before, including vocational-education grants, emergency medical services for children and assistance to local law enforcement agencies, according to a list the White House released yesterday.'

How the administration's stance on the ICC is affecting the Darfur tragedy.

Broadcasters and unions looking at how to fight the indecency fight.

* Iraqi voters sure did give us the (purple) finger.
* Maybe there's something to this spread of democracy thing.
* Pondering the identity of Deep Throat.
* "In an age when the blurring of entertainment and reality is taken for granted, Mr. Schwarzenegger has gone one step farther, blending Hollywood marketing into his governorship in a way that makes them almost indistinguishable."
* Government scientists directed to alter their findings by the administration.
* New York debates the death penalty.
* More schools embrace obscure sports.
* The effects of CSI on picking juries.
* How about more divorce parties?

BBC gallery of the World Press Photo Award winners for 2004.

Unearthing the sets to The Ten Commandments.

NYTimes has an entire section dedicated to Arthur Miller.
Also, a Post appreciation.

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