PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Must read: Paul Krugman reports that this isn't a budget, it's class warfare.

City Paper brings up a funny detail about the distribution of that new daily, the Washington Examiner.

Gannon scandal brings focus on the role of bloggers.

Could be big: ousting of Ehrlich aide brings new probe into the firing of Democrats across the state.

* World Opinion Roundup on North Korea: bluff, or 'crisis from hell'?
* Ted Rall notes we're already at war with Iran.
* Is it still news when the trade deficit hits yet another all-time high?
* Bob Herbert says there's no defense for American use of torture.
* Did the FDA ask Canadian officials not to ban a drug in their own country?
* Wal-Mart chief defends anti-union closure in Quebec.
* Greetings, Big Brother. California school uses inventory tracking system to keep track of its students.
* A woman's miraculous coma recovery.
* Testing how a gas attack would flow in NYC.
* Juice as bad for kids as soda, researchers say.
* New book looks at treachery behind the scenes at Disney.
* New English version of the Talmud to be released soon.
* The home makeover genre of TV shows finds its center in emotion.

It's official: WETA 90.9 goes all-talk on Feb. 28th.

Committee holds special session to axe the baggy pants bill, partially due to "international exposure."

Famous playwright Arthur Miller passed away.

[UPDATE: Famous genre writer Jack Chalker also passed away. (Courtesy JubJub.)]
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