PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Priorities? No, goals. Well, not those really either.

Agent Orange helpfully reminded me yesterday that his brother was coming that day, to stay with us 'for a couple days.' This is fine, as I accept the fact that I forgot when he told me before. However, I also forgot/didn't know his brother's friend was staying too.

I'm weird about guests, especially the kind that stays over. One is ehn, two is bad. It just makes me weirdly edgy having other people in my living space, which probably points to some deeper psychosis which I would rather not consider. Just things I'm used to being in place are out of place, and I can't VCR anything because they watch a lot of TV and flip channels (and it's going to be a big WWF tonight! Grr.) And the kitchen is in disarray*, and I'm sounding all neurotic, but I'm not. I'm just orderly. Things can be messy, as long as they are in place. And I've always been edgy about having people I don't know at my house. What if they're mean to the cat? What if they're fidgeting with my miniatures? Aaiiee. Just extra tension I know I shouldn't feel. I have to trust that if Agent Orange invited them, then he knows they're OK.

[Not to mention they're drinking all the soda and would eat all the food if we had any, but that's a different and more valid complaint.]

Also a slight scare yesterday, as someone got very sick very rapidly, but everything is fine now. But it happened right before guests arrived, making tension more tense. Feh. Well, just glad everything turned out OK.

There's a pile of things I want to be spending my free time on these days, but the next week, a couple have taken the front seat. I have accepted I won't get far enough in Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) to be of any help to my guild during the war this Saturday, though I may show up anyways. Nothing wrong with spending some time leveling this week, until I am vaguely close to my friends who are playing. [Note I only intend to let this DAoC playing get in the way of my Diablo 2 playing. I really don't wanna be a junkie.]

More importantly, I have to finish the book for book club on Monday, which means reading (quick math) at least 95 pages a day. It's a bit dense, but I am enjoying it. So both those get the front seat, leaving, uh, painting and reading other stuff, my primary hobbies in the back seat. And longer range plans, like selling eBay stuff, in the trunk.

Before the car metaphor gets (much more) out of hand, I'll also mention reading and playing DAoC are both free, which makes them great choices for activities this weekend, since I don't get real money until Friday. Feh! Also cards Tuesday, which is always fun. Another caveat I will mention is that hanging out with certain people who read this journal takes precedence over the whole lot, so no reason to be sad, I won't be becoming a hermit.

Damnit, the Fish called in sick to work today, so now I can't drop off my car with the funny headlights at work. Another day of putting it off. But this one isn't my fault!

* - Agent Orange also leaves the kitchen in disarray, but I clean up after him. Cleaning up after one person is easy. Three isn't. Especially these three.

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