PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight, on Lost...

Hey Boone, nice spear.

* "Ethan... Ethan's the bad guy." -Charlie
* OMG Charlie's a man-whore!
* Hee, bolo.
* OK, Ethan's strong and freaky.
* "What if Ethan isn't alone?" -Locke
* "I was attacked because of what they have done." -Jin
* OK, sentry duty scene was pretty spooky. Good job showing just how dark the island gets in a couple shots.
* Hey Charlie, way to give out TMI at the dinner table.
* Hahaha, good job Boone.
* Wait, they didn't think he might come in from the water? As a gamer, that's the first thing I thought of.
* And yet, some people are still too dumb to move off the beach.
* Again, great use of the minor cast.
* Sawyer: Guess old Steve drew the short straw.
Hurley: Dude, it was Scott.
* Hurley's eulogy = awesome. Which reminds me: WHERE'S MY HURLEY EPISODE?
* Ouch, Shannon was the one to have to tell her the truth.
* "To him, we're a bunch of scared idiots with sharp sticks." Uh, Locke, you *are* a bunch of scared idiots with sharp sticks.
* OMG Jack just gave Locke a gun.
* Oh, Charlie and your wacky copier-selling detox hijinks.
* Sawyer as the fourth man: brilliant!
* Oh, that's right, the marshall's gun.
* Do they not think that Ethan might be watching them while they are planning?
* Sawyer, as always, hardcore.
* Charlie, you stupid, stupid fool. The whole audience hates you right now.
* "You'll never take care of anyone." Dizzam.
* ARGH imaginary peanut butter.
* Next week: more Sawyer awesomeness.
Tags: tv
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