PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Frank Rich on the year of living indecently.

US general explains how "it's fun to shoot some people." Don't worry, he wasn't punished or anything.

Paul Krugman talks more on Bush's social security revamp - "borrow, speculate, and hope."

Bob Herbert remembers some document called the Constitution.

* CBS report on the female soldiers in the combat zone in Iraq.
* So. Who are the insurgents?
* Editorial on Bush's place in the current disaster movie.
* David Ignatius wonders if the neocons have fallen out of favor.
* Bush promotes yet another Iran-Contra convict.
* More special treatment for Halliburton.
* Jim Hoagland on Rice's European test.
* A struggle over the digital estate of fallen soldiers.
* Debate rages over Scottish report on living with heroin.
* The underground search for the 'God particle.'
* Ayn Rand at 100.
* Debra Chasnoff wonders where PBS's backbone went?

Baghdad artists make the most of the blasted concrete canvasses.

60 Minutes talks with Stan Lee about his relationship with Marvel.

Finnish man completes his PhD on trolls. (Courtesy thewronghands.)
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