PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Fairfax school official asks high schools to hear speakers with an "ex-gay perspective."

Two more on the State of the Union address: one entry by Joel Achenbach, and Howard Kurtz presents his Media Notes.

* Army considers extending the reserves.
* World Opinion Roundup on Halliburton's dealings with Iran.
* Judge orders CIA to release detainee-abuse files.
* GOP puts party loyalist in charge of the ethics committee in an effort to protect the majority leader.
* Georgian prime minister killed by gas leak.
* Bush plans to increase aide to Palestinians.
* McCain wants to limit money to political groups.
* Thomas Friedman on a day to remember in Iraq. Also, Arianna Huffington's post-Iraqi-election buzzkill.
* Prehistory, in Jersey.
* The challenge of seeing all the Oscar nominees.

Bob Schieffer to take the CBS News desk, for a while.

Melbourne hit by record storm.

Sorry, Callico. Star Trek: Enterprise gets the axe.

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