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23 October 2002 @ 03:16 pm
Sunday was my fifth anniversary with this company. Scary! And it's had three names and five (I think) different owners in that time. But hey.

The Ring was surprisingly good. Horror movie of the year to beat. Definitely creepy without excessive gore, and while I am usually immune to the powers of 'things jump out at you!' this one got me, over and over.

OK, now Formula 51. if the commercials vaguely amused you at all, go see it, you will love it. Surprisingly good, I have to admit. This one had us cracking up over and over. Will be preordering this DVD, yo.

And speaking of surprisingly good, The Transporter was summertime action fun. A couple memorable fight scenes (who knew Jason Statham knew kung fu?) and some defying of the basic laws of physics. And no niggling character development to get in the way, either.

Unfortunately, our DVD of The Mothman Prophecies was very jumpy, but I am not sure I 'missed' all that much of this one. Would have liked to see the bridge scene on the big screen, I admit.

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Jessicajessicac on October 23rd, 2002 01:27 pm (UTC)
Mothman Mess
Tim and I watched Mothman Prophecies this weekend, and I was fairly unimpressed. I walked away to make dinner and came back and really hadn't missed anything. Kind of a mess.

Hmmm... with that recommendation, I think I'll see if Tim wants to see Formula 51 this weekend. :)