PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Wine tasting at Goblin and Decore's last night was a treat. We actually made it through 4 whites and 5 reds without anyone getting plastered or ill, so, winner. I brought a fine cabernet sauvignon called Cabzilla that, in fact, had Godzilla on the label. The recommendation said it would go well with 'steak and bad acting,' and since I love both of those, I had to bring it. Also, it got the top rating at the tasting for any wine that features a guy in a rubber suit on the label (It got the lowest ratings among the reds otherwise, however.) A riesling that Regent brought won for the whites.

After the wine (and Decore's fine food offerings), things wound down and people sat around and chatted, which I confess was my favorite part.

Scraping the half-inch of ice off my car when I was already late to work this morning, that wasn't my favorite part so much.

(Man, just looked at my LJ, and realized I haven't done one of these updates in a while.) To catch up:

Last Saturday, hit the big SRA party out in Chantilly or wherever. Big and fancy! Like, a few ballrooms with music and a live band and plenty of free food, and free booze. Hundreds of people there, too. Some in tuxes, some in prom dresses. Unfortunately, only saw one person I recognized from work, so wasn't all it could be. Next year, will talk cool co-workers into going.

Got in some City of Heroes, and hooray for the winter event. I leveled like a big dog.

Tuesday, schooled Magistrate in how to be really cheaty in D&D. My reign of terror continues.

Last Wednesday, a tasty dinner at Timpano's with Wallaby for her birthday, followed by book-geeking at Barnes & Noble. Such a list of things to read I now have.

And, of course, at work today, because it's definitely the best way to screw up my schedule. asdf;ljkdfas

I think that's everything.
Tags: 2005, food

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