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Oh good lord. Fine article on how Bush's agenda is, in fact, to dismantle the Democratic party. You can't make this kind of thing up.

"...Many religious leaders, including some evangelicals, think the current focus on moral values has created a platform to talk about other issues, especially poverty, as both political and moral concerns."

Tom Wolfe notes Bush is just following a doctrine - the the Monroe Doctrine.

Schwarzenegger begins to falter in California.

* Fred Hiatt on journalism and the rules of punditry. When do journalists cross the line, though?
* US government puts pressure on al Jazeera.
* Homeland security secretary nominee Michael Chertoff advised the CIA on the legality of coercive interrogation methods on terror suspects.
* Why is the CIA hiding files about Nazi war criminals?
* David Brooks on the administration's new groove for the new term.
* Maureen Dowd wonders where the outrage is over the 'torture chicks.'
* Newt Gingrich is back with a new contract.
* Despite Bush's speech, there has never been a single American definition of "freedom".
* Gangs reaching farther and farther into the suburbs.
* Ehrlich's state of the state speech decries partisan politics and a lack of respect.
* 'The smiling preacher' builds a large following.
* Climate change disaster by 2026?
* Scientists make inroads into curing some forms of blindness.
* Unlocking the influences of Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda.
* A movie writer gets a Hollywood ending.
* Sundance winners announced. Some gems there.
* Need a new reason to riot? Howzabout celebrities and their big-ass trucks.
* Finally, an explanation for why Nebraska smells like that.

Jared Diamond's new book on the collapse of Western civilization.

Chatting with Dr. Ecstasy, guru scientist of the psychedelic.

Brief article on unlocking the philosophy of Lost. (Contains spoilers from previous episodes.)

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