PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Howard Kurtz on the deepening scandal of the government paying conservative commentators. Maybe they couldn't come up with something better to do with the over $88 million in taxpayer money they spent?

This just in: let's make that three writers on the take.

Analysis: the dynamic has shifted between Bush and Congressional Republicans.

Dan Froomkin asks: does evidence point to the White House being out of step?

Paul Krugman continues his campaign on social security reform, with little black lies.

Cheney draws new criticism... based on his attire. Huh.

* World Opinion Roundup of the pessimism surrounding the Iraq elections.
* ...And now Mexico isn't happy with us.
* A link between global warming and bat evolution?
* "CNN founder Ted Turner has called the Fox television network a propaganda voice' of the Bush administration and compared Fox News Channel's popularity to Adolf Hitler's rise in Germany before World War II."

Bob Herbert isn't pleased by plans for another publically-funded stadium.

Hooray! Fidgeting to lose weight!

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