PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The last of the original set of my $3.99 tape purchases is The Best of A Flock of Seagulls. And I can truly say, I have never heard a worse song by them. (On a side note, if anyone has a cover of "I Run" or "Space Age Love Song," let me know. Both seem ripe for covering.)

*Luckily,* two more $3.99 tapes were purchased, so more reviews coming!

Speaking of more reviews, I have seen four movies in the past week that I need to discuss here. When I have the time. Which is in short supply. Bah.

Today's best headline: One homer equals free tacos for all
Last week's best headline: Bjork's mom gives up food to protest aluminum company

Here's a great article on the E/R story of the boy who was shot by the sniper.
(Incidentally, 18 people have been killed - not by the sniper - since the sniper started his thing. But they get no media coverage.)

And, revealing U.S. hypocrisy.

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