PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Torture of prisoners still 'routine' in Iraq.'

Paul Krugman wonders who will replace Greenspan?

David Brooks on the sticky ladder of social and economic mobility.

* Senate Republicans release their top priorities for this Congress.
* The tsunami's heavy toll on women.
* Mass suicide attempts covered up in Guantanamo?
* Why promoting democracy is wrong for our foreign policy.
* Kissinger and Schultz want results in Iraq, not a timetable.
* DC settles with mass-arrest victims.
* LiveOnline chat with the author of the Bias Test article (discussed here.)
* Literacy scores and the gender gap.
* Ex-CBS reporter tears up the network.
* Rockville gets a controversial anti-gay billboard. (Courtesy Dona Quixote.)
* Williams vetoes DC bill to tape police interviews.
* FCC says it's OK to call someone a dick on TV.
* Penn Jillette's new movie gives us a lot of views on an old dirty joke.

Tom Shales remembers Johnny Carson. Also, a letter from Steve Martin.

Catwoman tops the Razzie nominations.


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