PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

David Ignatius on the worrisome hubris of the administration.

Joel Achenbach gives us his views of the people at the inauguration. Side note: add his blog to the great-reads list.

Good read: Dick Meyer on the Bush doctrine.

* Post editorial on the policy and rhetoric of freedom.
* Timothy Dwyer noted the incongruity between Bush's speech on freedom and the overwhelming security of the event.
* The world's opinions on four more years.
* Cornering a Bush fundraiser and exposing the corrupt system.
* CBS covers the demonstrators.
* What book does Bush recommend for his second term?
* More evidence that the administration is setting its sights on Iran. Will our allies Israel strike first?
* Analysis of the president's speech shows a focus on ideas, not details. Complete text here. Note, as Jon Stewart pointed out, Bush uses the word "freedom" 27 times and "liberty" 16 times. Funny that he didn't use the word "Iraq" once.

* Ted Rall on restoring sanity to immigration policy.
* Michael Powell to step down as head of the FCC.
* Ehrlich gives a funding boost to public colleges and universities.
* Scientists report Arctic rivers are flowing faster.
* On Titan, methane rain feeds rivers on the surface of ice.
* TV releases its midseason shows.
* The invasion of the mid-size movie.

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