PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night, on Lost...

Oh, snap.

* Golf tourney for the last of the deodorant, nice.
* Boone, that 4 Aces shirt, not as cool as you think.
* Hmmm. So Locke's gathered Charlie, Boone, Walt...
* "As long as we're here, Walt should be able to realize his potential." -Locke
* "He can't grow up here. He can't grow up in this place" -Michael
* The map! Heh. And hey, now Shannon's in on the inner circle of planning.
* Raft! Yeah, that'll work.
* I actually predicted the car hitting Michael right before it happened, but still. WHAMMO.
* Claire's diary! [EDIT: Oooh, it's not Claire's diary on the website.]
* Oh, Sawyer, why do you rule so?
* Wait, he didn't read it? Then why steal it in the first place?
* Uh, Michael, why are you threatening the guy with 400 knives?
* Oh, man. The whole Michael/Walt thing is heartbreaking. Seriously.
* "I've had my share of manly encounters." Uh, Charlie, maybe you should rephrase that.
* Now, the epic struggle of Charlie vs. his diary.
* OMG WALT SUMMONED A BIRD. "Sometimes, when he's around, things happen." -Brian
* Now that I look at them, the actors playing Walt and Michael really do look alike.
* Oh, man. Michael totally lied for Brian.
* Oh, man! Michael just totally stole Brian's dog.
* Dude. Locke just went all superhuman fast to save Michael from falling into the bear's mouth.
* The box of letters! (RQ called that one.)
* Black rock!
* Claire!

So. Now all the main cast has had an episode, except Hurley? (Well, Walt and Jin sort of got gipped.)(And Vincent.)

Also, I'm a big liar. The next new episode is February 9th.
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