PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

UN has a plan to eliminate poverty worldwide by 2025.

Yeah, so there's no evidence Iraqi WMDs were smuggled out before the war, either.

Paul Krugman on 'the accountability moment.'

Richard Holbrooke reads the tea leaves on Bush's second term.

* Harvard president suggests women have less "innate ability" at science and maths than men.
* Poll shows Bush's numbers aren't that great going into the new term (plus poll data.) (And a great chart.)
* David Brooks discusses... Gingrich Democrats?
* Was the Iraqi brothers weblog actually CIA propaganda?
* Does Russia even count as a democracy anymore?
* Whoah. Underground immigrant-smuggling tunnel between Ontario and Michigan.

Is rock-and-roll on the way out?

Futurists is a small town in Wisconsin.

BBC gallery of the Hajj beginning in Mecca.
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