PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,


Here I was wondering, what would be the new problem to crop up and cost me a lot of money I don't want to spend? Teeth? Car again? Meteor strike?

Yesterday afternoon, bebe took a nap, so I go turn on the computer to check some e-mail. Computer won't load up. At all. Saying something weird about 'primary hard drive not found,' 'error loading operating system,' and 'disk read error.' Huh. Was working fine Sunday night. In fact, no symptoms leading up to this, other than a little slowness which I attributed to using Firefox.

Yesterday evening, call up Baldur and borrow an XP startup disk, which gets me farther, but doens't get anything working; it still can't reach the hard drive. So, I guess today I'll place some calls, see if I can find a computer repair place in Laurel, and hope they don't charge all of an arm and a leg.

Just. So. Frustrating. Until this mess gets cleared up, I'll be offline except when I'm at work (Tu-Sa, 7-3:30.) Which means my LJ time will be severely curtailed, as well. And, probably, crying a lot.
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