PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight, on Carnivale...

* So yes, the episode name was Alamogordo, which was the site of the first nuclear explosion (1945.) This was the "Trinity" explosion, which is pretty symbolic, here.
* The diamond-shaped symbol drawn in the snakeblood in Ben's vision reminded me of the Carnivale symbol. Will scare up a screenshot at some point.
* The madman was saying 'life, death, the crone.' So, Justin, Ben, Sofie? Trinity?
* "Beware of false prophets." Man, what if Iris turned out to be the Usher?
* So. What's Dolan's place in all this?
* "Jesus H. Particular Christ." Stumpy, you scamp.
* OK, Ben seeing the tree-dude walking down the road, and then it turns out to be Sofie? Not good, dudes.
* Hey, I think that was the giant from Big Fish.
* The card in Lodz's bed? The nine of swords, I am pretty sure. Worry or guilt. Huh.
* Management is dying? Become an abomination? Huh.
* OK, Management is *totally* not the Russian. I am convinced of that now.
* Topless tattooing = hott.
* And what's up with Ruthie seeing a dead guy? Side effect of the resurrection?
* This episode is seriously lacking in Gecko and Gabriel, but most of them are.

I'm beginning to believe I might be overthinking a lot of this Carnivale stuff, reading too much more into it.
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